After 30 years and 50 patents we are disrupting the product design market by :

- Fixing all costs upfront.
- Not charging high fees. Ever.
- Letting you order online now.


We specialise in fearless concept generation for mature markets where new ideas can be hard to find.

Deferred costs

make us different. Unlike others, we don’t simply pocket your cash regardless of the product’s success or failure. We prefer to fuel ambition to succeed by means of a share in the project’s commercial success – we call this skin in the game.

We listen

to your ideas, timescales, concerns and target goals. We offer a friendly, professional approach with a strict no drivel policy. Reputable and solid team players.

We’re experienced

with over three decades of exploiting the marketplace and over 50 granted patents under our belt.

We deliver

on time and according to budget, with quality assurance. We cover the process from concept through to the finished project. Or simply provide the first push out of the starting gate.


How We Roll

Our aim is to identify new or improved products that will make your business more profitable. Our process shapes the solutions we deliver: Consult, Research, Design, Develop, Innovate.

Let’s Talk

Do you need to inject some fresh innovation into your product range? We listen, we question, we understand. Fired with fertile insight, we have a tried and tested formula to create the best plan for you. We can connect the dots of customer wants, technical possibility and commercial success to pinpoint a brand new idea just for you.

Eureka Moment

Upon an agreed tailor-made brief, we identify, develop, analyse, test, and deliver a set of concepts for you to review – your Eureka Moment. There is a fixed fee at this stage -solely dependent upon your company’s number of employees.


We can provide you with exactly the support you need to turn the idea into reality based on years of engineered manufacturing experience. Anything from just occasional guidance to full service. And we’ll do this for a fixed low price that is easy to budget.