Apex Ideas is a powerful product design and development agency led by Alan Somerfield. He established the business in 2016 in order to make innovation accessible to all. With over 30 years experience he has developed many of successful products for clients of all sizes, and across diverse market sectors.

“Somerfield is a true champion in seizing product opportunities with the insight of commercial realism”

Apex Aims

Customer Focused Solutions

Our approach is responsive and futuristic, with an ethos of combining strength – through partnership, design and engineering. With a focus on delivering robust solutions via research, creative design, idea generation and expert production, your product is our passion. Driven by high standards, we deliver strategic solutions for consumer products. Unlike the others our unique working model signifies that we only succeed if you do.

Smart Working

As true creative types, we don’t work well plonked behind a desk in glossy(non eco-friendly) offices. We prefer to call upon our trusted network of experts to ensure we apply the most relevant expertise to your project, quickly. We lead our clients towards the future in a distributed, agile and effective manner. This momentum allows us to out-think and out-manoeuvre any competition.


We believe that in creating a positive alliance allows the magic to start fizzing. We refuse to bore with fluff-riddled, multi-staged proposals. We’d rather talk with you than at you, and work with you than for you. Testament to this is our courageous, forward thinking commercial revenue sharing model. Together we have the power.

Expert Knowledge

With over three decades’ experience innovating and developing manufactured products, our testimonials boast over 50 granted patents. Effective knowledge offers a higher degree of pragmatism to the complex area of IP. Our unique proposition is to unlock a product’s true value. We manage time, cost and risk whilst repeatedly delivering outstanding and rapid return on investment.