Best selling steering wheel lock.

This was a case of the client seeing one of their competitors and making a pile of money out of selling a product that they thought could be vastly improved. The brief was that simple i.e.  ‘We’d like something that does this but a lot better than this’.

Obviously smoothing off the rough edges to make it less likely to damage either the user or the car would have been a good improvement in itself.

But the key to designing an accessory that fits universally is to look for something that everything has in common everything. In this case it was that there are no steering wheels with spokes in the top half – if there were you would not be able to see the dials.

Exploiting this fact allowed us the thread the arm under the rim and eliminate half of the locking mechanism without compromising security.

That’s how the Stoplock was born and 30 years later sales are still increasing.