Logic not magic


What was Archimedes thinking naked in the street?

Logic or Magic? Are we in Lilliput or is that the world’s largest beer? Either way he’s using the laws of buoyancy to good effect and my question here is….

What was Archimedes up to? Legend has it that he leapt from the bath and ran naked down the street shouting Eureka having sussed his now famous law! Whether that’s true or not I’m more interested in what he was doing in the bath before he got out.

Did he have a flash of brilliance? The proverbial light bulb moment (even though they had not been invented yet)? Or was he applying himself logically to solving the mystery of why some things floated, and other things sank?

I don’t believe in light bulb moments. Solving problems and coming up with creative solutions is just about applying yourself logically to the data you have at hand and the problem you are trying to solve. Being inventive may seem like magic to others but then again what accountants can do with numbers seems like magic to me.

For me it’s logic not magic – the lightbulb ‘feeling’ is what you get when you realise that the idea will fly.

Are you logician or magician?