Is a blank sheet truly blank?


How to uncover the hidden agendas.

Nothing like starting with a blank sheet of paper – but is it really?

Truly blank sheets are a rare find, often there’s something hiding on the other side or some devious invisible ink that will materialise half-way through the project and derail it.

In busy innovation driven environments it’s vital to know at the start what’s hiding on that proverbial blank sheet. So how do you unearth them early?

There are loads of innovation processes around that offer step by step guides on project set up but often the more intuitive stuff gets missed. Communication with the widest team is everything and that doesn’t just mean getting them in a room and taking a poll. It means having all the antennas up and listening for the sparks of ideas that are hiding beneath the surface and then following up where necessary with the individuals in a more relaxed setting away from the wider team.

Project are made of people, and they hold the key to making sure you know what’s lurking on that supposedly blank sheet.