The Importance of Donuts


Friday Fun Brainstorm on Corkscrews


I was sitting at my desk some years back in Southern California when the smell of freshly baked Donuts wafted through the door. This was clearly going to be a great Friday!

On investigation it turned out that the box of freshly baked Krispy Kreme donuts (other brands are available) had been brought in by the local dentist as a goodwill and, no doubt, a business development strategy!

Whilst the dentist’s tactics are debatable, he was following the basic principle, that we all hold true, to offer something of value for free in order to build trust with your prospective customers.

So here’s my free Friday tip that might help you solve a creative block. Instead of thinking of the best way to do something, just take a moment, do a U-turn, and think of the worst way that it could be done. It’ll be fun.

For example let’s say we are trying to design a revolutionary new corkscrew. What would be the worst way to open a bottle? Well you could smash the bottle with a hammer as that’ll certainly get the wine out! Problems abound but it gets you thinking about doing something to the bottle instead of getting the cork out of it. Perhaps a battery operated rotary diamond cutter around the neck. That would solve the problem of bits of cork dropping into the wine and could even be easier for people with weaker hands. Just an idea……

Now where are those donuts?

Happy Friday.