Wastin’ Facelifts


Why buying a kettle is like dating and facelifts aren’t worth it.

Shopped for a new a new kettle recently? Glass, plastic, anti-scald, automatic, lid lift, cordless, battery, Quooker, art, retro, funky or Scandi? So much choice.

Probably as many different reasons to buy a new kettle, as there are kettles to choose from. When you’re scrolling through Google or eyeing up the kettles on parade in the retail park where do you start? Probably in the same place as you do on a dating site and that is looks. However don’t try swiping the kettles left and right or the shopkeeper might object!

Attraction will get you interested in ‘Laidbackguy24’ or ‘GourmetGal123’ just like that kettle which caught your eye. But when you dig a little deeper your desire to continue the relationship needs something more than just looks.

With people it’s looks and personality and with products it’s form and function. If there was a vote, I hope personality would win over looks where people are concerned. And on products I believe that looks may draw you in but it’s what it does best that clinches the deal.

Facelifts cost money – not only on people but on products too. With products, just giving it a fresh coat of paint or schmoozing a few curves may allow the marketing folks to kick in with an ‘all new’ product launch but why go to all that trouble when for a little extra effort you could bring a little innovation to the personality of the product.

And just like people that is what gets you a second date.