Less single use plastic litter.

‘It’s time to end the outdated production model of take, make, and dispose.

To ensure the health of our people and planet, we need to build circular systems that reduce waste and add value across the entire life cycle of the products we produce and consume.’

This was the brief from OpenIdeo and the Ellen MacArthur foundation for the Circular Design Challenge. We entered.

Fed up with seeing discarded plastic bottle tops washed up on the beach we thought we would give the cap a home, so it stayed with the bottle throughout the customer journey and into the recycling loop.

Technically the solution did not interfere with the high speeding filling machines and only required a change to the bottle injection blow mould tool.

It also made the bottle a more tactile experience and offered opportunities for branding and collecting.

Delighted to make into the top 20 shortlist for one of the top tier prizes from over 300 entries.