ShowerSpaah – The Care Giving Shower

Help for those who need help in the shower

Stop slips and falls. Keep hands free for balance.

Reduce contact

Save time for carers

Preserve dignity, respect and independence.

A Care Giving Shower Innovation

ShowerSpaah adds the soap so you don’t have to mess around with bottles.

The soap turns on and off with a simple easy turn control.

Launching early 2024. Distributors wanted.

“This shower helps me get clean in all the parts that I have dificulty reaching these days” Jean S

““I find it difficult to pick up and open bodywash bottles. Having the soap already in the water just makes it all so much easier.” Anna T

” ShowerSpaah means that my carer can leave me to wash myself. I’ve got my me-time back” Cyril M.

Reduce Slips and Falls

Now those with balance problems can keep one hand free to keep their balance. Only one hand is needed for washing as the soap is already in the water.

More dignity. Less contact

With the soap in the water you can be sure that every part gets a wash. This means more people will be able to shower in private. If help from a carer is still needed there’s less awkward contact.

Save time and money

Carers won’t need to spend as much time helping during the shower which means they can get other things done. It can also make a shower quicker saving water and energy.

Scented Bubbly Luxury

Experience a waterfall of scented bubbles. It’s bliss.



We’ve already had some great feedback. We
listened and updated the design you see in the
video below to make it better.


for care

Easy Install with New Refill Plug and Play

Designed to attach in seconds to any hose connected shower. 

We’ve also made changing the refill even easier with a new lever operation for those who have impaired grip and dexterity.

 Visual of the finished product

Launching Spring 2024

All trials and testing are now complete and we have started the manufacturing process.

If you would like any more information or register your interest in pre-ordering please send in this form.

How it Works

ShowerSpaah adds the soap and the special shower mixes in the air to make the bubbles.

This means you don’t need a sponge to get bubbles which leaves your hands free.

It also means it smells fantastic and feels wonderful. It’s like being in a waterfall of warm
scented bubbles.

Soap Turns Off and On

Turning the soap ON and OFF is super simple and puts you in
complete control. When you’re ready to just turn it ON. To rinse
just turn OFF the soap and it’s gone in an instant.

You can also adjust it according to how much soap you
want to use.

See what’s inside

This is how the soap and water get mixed together. It’s a brand new
patented technology that makes your soap last for ages.

The Story So Far

“17 years ago I thought soap was just soap and a shower was just a shower.” Alan Somerfield, Creator

It all started in Hollywood in 2006.  I was Engineering Director for Interbath Incorporated who were the company that introduced the USA to the hand held shower. Then Scott-Vincent Borba (founder of e.l.f. Cosmetics and BORBA Inc ) came to visit. He had developed some anti-aging cosmeceutical products and an idea to mix those products with the shower water so you could look younger just by standing in the shower. Who wouldn’t want that?

In 2022 I tried crowdfunding ShowerSpaah but it didn’t work out. The problem was that I was targeting the luxury market as opposed to one where people had real needs i.e. care-giving. I have improved the design and am now looking for people to try it out. Please get in touch if you are interested.

Where to find us: Mayden House, Long Bennington Business
Park, Newark, NG23 5DJ, UK  T: 01949 833112
ShowerSpaah is owned By Apex Ideas