About Us

What Makes Us Tick?

You should know we’re allergic to facelifts, catalogue copycat impersonations and endless missed opportunities to do the right thing.

And we hope you are too – after all, what we want is to make the world a better place by making better things. And doing that needs change. The ball ache is that in this commercial world change is dirty hard work and needs a serious combination of creative problem solving and practical nous to make it savvy.

Our personality is split between the boardroom of manufacturing businesses and the external consultant. Actually it’s double split because we’ve spent as much time in the murky depths of engineering as we have in the lofty heights of style. We’re a bit like a four seasons pizza.

It’s time to dream about having that world-beating product no one else has. The sort of thing that has your customers tripping over themselves to buy it. Oh, and at a price at least 10 times what it costs you to make it. Happy days.